TEEM EARTH is the product of all the people who give bits of their available time, talent, expertise and other resources. It connects friendly folks and pools modest resources.

TEEM EARTH is being built as a platform of platforms for people to self-organize and scale up forces and resources to ensure our species quickly ends the non-stop rise of planet-heating gases in the atmosphere.

The outputs and results that come from the platform are for the good of our life-sustaining planet. This, of course, is very good for peoples and economies near and far that depend on stable climates and healthy environments.

Anyone can use any of the websites, tools, forums and information that are published on through a TEEM EARTH platform. That’s what they are for. They are made to be used as freely as can be.

We believe that some people will see the benefits of collaborating, coordinating or connecting with others on the TEEM EARTH platform. If you see something you want to do or explore, the door is open to this platform and waiting for you to come in. We invite you to Teem Up, work side-by-side with us, and help each other achieve pro-environmental outcomes that cannot be done as individuals working alone.

By teeming up, you will help advance the Teem Earth mission and platform. The teem-up process includes the following steps:

  • You confirm support for the mission and terms of use
  • You sign on as a member for one year (renewable as long as you are active on the platform)
  • You pay a voluntary membership fee that spreads platform costs among all givers
  • We confirm you as a Teem Earth member
  • We commit to giving you control over your personal information

For the 2020 calendar year, the minimum membership fee is $4.10 or €4.10 or £4.10 per year. The amount is re-calculated each year by multiplying the annual MLO CO2 level (in parts per million) by 1%. Waivers can be requested for the current year by emailing an explanation of 50 words or more.

Teeming Up

You’re ready to teem up? We’re ready too. But to get started right away, we set up a rough, temporary process.

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, becoming a member for a year, and helping to cover platform costs with a voluntary, annual membership subscription. The suggested subscription is set each year based on 1% of the

e’re happy for you to Teem Up and help us advance the mission to stabilize atmospheric GHGs and


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produced by friendly folks who work, play and fight together for a flourishing future. The TEEM EARTH platform, network, products and results come from individuals who give what they can.