Teem YYJ Protosite

Project Pitch 2020-0002

Teem YYJ refers to a project and prototype website that is local to area surround Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It is a project to be developed by people in the greater Victoria community for use by community members and visitors.

The greater Victoria, Teem YYJ project is a live experiment in pioneering ways to assemble and exchange local information. It is driven by a belief that information can be organized in ways that offer needed benefits for the local environment, local people, local economy and the planet.

A simple, incomplete prototype website (aka protosite) is live. It’s a modest start that’s accessible by the global public. But the extent to which it gets fully designed and built depends on bottom up contributions of individuals and organizations across the Victoria area.

This page introduces potential local participants to project aims, concepts and roles that are seen as key to developing a Teem YYJ prototype we can learn from, build on and expand.

and soon, . this prototype is to be developed and tested to the extent that it can.

hat are envisioned some starting concepts and opportunities to starting concepts and ideas

and institutions anddevelopment work is limited to community members in greater Victoria.

provide new benefits for made by members of the greater Teem YYJ Protosite Project is a live experiment in organizing local information in innovate ways that are better It’s the first Teem Earth experiment of this kind.

The prototype site (aka protosite) is visible to the global public. But the site is being developed by members of the Victoria

It’s bare key part of the larger people, the community and platter. more is collected, curated and organized. organizing community information differently. barely off the ground, but Greater Victoria is the home and community for and and a visiting destination for place and community where we live. 

In a variety of ways, the environment is something we all use, enjoy, learn about, learn from and care about. It is more than something to protect.

This site is a prototype and experiment that presents

Information encompasses all that is relevant to people in our community. It may be about the economy, people or the environment. Here, it is integrated, oriented

Info is curated and presented by people who are here based on its relevance to those who live and visit in different parts of the greater Victoria area.

But it is not enough to make local info more accessible for locals. We’re going hyper-local. This vision is to bring together information and data that is as place-specific as possible. It should be easier to get good information about the things and places we use and love the most here in our community. Weather, tides and government rules for a favourite beach. Data on emissions for our parSeasonal favourite things and places in our community.

within community. Not just what use every daa means getting on-the-ground information who are here should be able to get updates on specific communities, favourite local places, offices and contacts that make up the Greater Victoria area.

As much as possible, info on this site is specific to the communities, places, offices and people in our community. The data is presented It is organized by locales within the Greater Victoria locale. It

Project: Teem YYJ Prototype

The yyj.teem.earth website is an incomplete prototype. It’s a concept grounded in the idea that the solutions for ending the climate crisis globally need to work in our local communities.

Also the idea for a YYJ site prototype is based on a perceived need to give people information that is clearly connected at different scales–from local to global. Others are not doing this to the extent that it is needed. But it can be done by integrations through the Teem Earth platform that is being built to provide information and links that make it easier to see those connections.

Our microcity seems like an ideal place to test these ideas. Plus, the work we do and lessons that are learned here in Victoria will enable the spread of hyper-local sites to other cities and places near and far. They are an important piece of the puzzle on how we can actually end the global climate crisis. And they are a critical part of the broader effort to develop and scale up the Teem Earth platform.

The problem is that the creation of the first local site prototype is going to take a lot of people. There is lots to figure out and lots of different types of work to be done. To do this, it will take a good number of volunteers to step forward and work on a particular part of the the YYJ build. An invitation to contribute to the project is posted on the Giver.Earth prototype site. Please consider teeming up or partnering up on this important Teem Earth project.