Active: May 2019 – Present

Teem Earth Project #2019-0001

The CO2 API project produced a prototype of a JSON RESTful API that transmits the latest daily readings for Mauna Loa CO2 and comparison readings for the same day in selected prior years (since March 2019).

The API is used to automate CO2 readings for a prototype email service and test CO2.Earth webpage. The API has been developed with a planned expansion of data reports in mind.

Products & Status

  • The API remains internal to the project team for the current phase of prototype testing and enhancements.


  • API Development
    Adam Davey, Mike McGee
  • Dataset Management  
    Trey Davey; Adam Davey; Mike McGee
  • Quality Assurance
    Mike McGee; Adam Davey


  • NumberLens
    Under the leadership of Adam Davey, this project is made possible with technologies provided by NumberLens.

Teem Up With Us

The CO2 API project is core to the Teem Earth platform. API enhancements and expanded usage are ongoing. Assistance is sought mainly to expand usage through related Teem Earth projects, including those listed below. However, expressions of interest to advance work on the CO2 API are welcome and will be considered. to assistance in advancing work on this CO2 will be considered. Assistance with a to assist with the project are welcome of its uses are expected to continue Development will continue and usage will broaden and of the Awe want to keep improving, especially as the work shifts from beta prototype to ongoing operations. Below are some volunteer and partner opportunities we see for people who would like to contribute to the continuing work and improvements that are on the horizon.

Related TEEM EARTH Projects

  • Aloha Daily
    Aloha Daily is an automated daily CO2 web and email update prototype that began began development and internal testing in Fall 2019.
  • CO2 Broadcasting
    Daily CO2 updates give citizens of the world a vital signal on what is happening to their planet. CO2.Earth has begun to package and promote data and information for a range of media broadcasters. b packaging data and information
  • CO2 Daily Widget
    Requests have been coming in to show daily CO2 readings on third-party websites. Producing a website widget is a logical next step that builds on the work that has already started.