Resource Up

Resourcing Teem Earth initiatives is creative and varied. Methods can be as multi-faceted as the people and organizations that are coming together to end the climate crisis.

As the Teem Earth resourcing hub, Giver.Earth is being set up to decentralize and distribute resourcing decisions among the people who use the platform. Resourcing can include:

  • Individuals who give some of their skills, talent, knowledge and spare time to a task, team, project
  • Individuals who step forward with an initiative of their own design
  • Partner organizations that support a project or enterprise through an employee volunteer program, pro bono services or services, or sponsor funding.
  • Projects, research and internships that may connect students with a combination of learning opportunities, mentors, school credit and a student funding program.
  • Teem Earth volunteers tipping one another with gratuities
  • Person-to-person or person-to-project gratuities, donations or support.
  • A nominal Teem Earth membership fee that spreads platform costs among contributors.
  • Donations for Teem Earth operations and development