Prototype Edition is a temporary subdomain. It’s prototype website for Giver.Earth. But it’s also the heart of the TEEM EARTH platform that is starting to get built.

So, what will this prototype do? Giver has been set up to start connecting people and partner who are doing things that help humankind to stop the rise of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The aim is to get people supporting and assisting one another in the grand, human enterprise to end the global climate crisis. It’s a forum where people can pool innovations, ideas and resources that scale up emissions innovations, mainly in the 2020s and mostly from the bottom up. It’s an urgent undertaking where we push ourselves, our organizations and our governments to make cuts across all emissions sectors as fast and as quickly as absolutely practical.

Think of the Giver.Earth prototype as a sandbox that contains some real-world solutions and room for lots, lots more. It’s a space where people are free to just visit or connect with others who are also doing what they can to keep the planet a flourishing environment that keeps sustaining diverse and intelligent life from generation to generation. It’s an online/offline connecting place–a starting place place for sharing ideas, trying different techniques, starting unique projects and building needed products and services that are positive and consequential for sustainability from the personal and local level to the global.

But Giver is barely setup and a long way from achieving this vision.

Please keep that in mind as you look through the links and pages on this public prototype. Keep that in mind when you only see a handful of active and proposed (or “pitched”) TEEM EARTH projects. And when you see the same names as team members for most projects.

The prototype you see today is just a starting point. It’s an invitation to jump in to add and expand things as you think are appropriate and helpful.

The vision is for many people to initiate and connect projects that assist you and other citizens of the world to scale up the kinds of solutions that can get us to stabilization at the atmospheric level.

It does not matter whether the thing you want to advance is awareness, cooperation, learning, big emissions cuts, pathways to solutions, or highly effective technologies and strategies. It does not matter whether the locus of your thinking is local, regional, global or some other scale. We need it all, as long as it actually helps us get to stabilization in fast and constructive ways.

Please do not be deterred by any of the limitations or restrictions that this site appears to impose. Giver is all about solving problems despite perceived limitations.

Despite what many perceive as impossible.

So, please bring your ideas and thinking forward to people on Giver and the Teem Earth platform. It does not matter whether they are small and humble, or large and hugely ambitious. Let’s see how they connect with people and project teams that come together on the platform. And how they attract support and resources to move them forward. This is what Giver.Earth is about.

Giver is a kind of experiment that empowers participants to see and figure out how regular people can form productive associations and highly-effective teams. It advances experiential learning to leverage the power of collaboration across many inter-connected and aligned projects. It offers a mutual push to achieve more that is good for the environment, society and the economy.

This is the intention and direction behind the rudimentary prototype site you see today.

For now, exploring the early content of the site will reveal a collection of webpages. As an experiment, the pages are easy to create and refine. And super-easy to toss when something does not work as expected.

The pages are built on WordPress technologies and services that were generously donated to TEEM EARTH by Pathwise Solutions, our second Partner. It’s a contributions that includes the upcoming set up of site plugins and UX enhancements.

I want to add that it’s the kind of springboard contribution that offers benefits to anyone who wishes to connect with people through TEEM EARTH.

I encourage you to check out the site and see how it can enhance what your contributions can achieve for the good of the planet. Make a point of connecting with at least one person who is already active on the platform. After all, thats how we make the atmosphere a more stable and secure place for the benefit of all.

Mike McGee

Co-Founder, TEEM EARTH