Aloha Daily

Active: September 2019 to Present

Teem Earth Project #2019-0003

Aloha Daily is an automated daily CO2 web and email update prototype that began began development and internal testing in Fall 2019. A beta release is planned for early 2020.

The Aloha Daily project is part of a broader effort to expand beyond CO2.Earth and generate a platform that inspires and scales mass collaborations for expediting deep cuts in CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions across all sectors.

When the beta is released, the following will happen moments after NOAA-ESRL releases a new daily CO2 reading for the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii:

  1. The CO2.Earth Daily CO2 webpage will be updated with the latest daily CO2 reading plus same-day comparisons for selected prior years that are available in the Mauna Loa instrument record (using Scripps and NOAA data from 1958 to present)
  2. The Daily CO2 banner that appears on most CO2.Earth webpage will also be updated
  3. An auto-generated email will send the latest daily CO2 reading (this year and last) to test-subscribers who sign up through the TEEM EARTH platform.

Products & Status

  • CO2.Earth Daily CO2 webpage: manual updates will continue until website code for Aloha Daily prototype is moved from a test location to the Daily CO2 page.
  • Aloha Daily email: subscription requests will be managed manually.


Send subscription requests to Mike at As a beta test, subscribers are invited to set up a TEEM EARTH profile, and will be encouraged to provide feedback on the Aloha Daily services.

Data Sources

With appreciation, Aloha Daily products use Mauna Loa CO2 readings by NOAA and Scripps at the Mauna Loa Observatory. Data sources are specified below.

Dr. Ralph Keeling. (2016). In-situ CO2 data: Daily averages (1958 – 2004). Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), University of Californai San Diego (UCSD): La Jolla, California, USA. Retrieved from:

Dr. Pieter Tans. (2020). Trends in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: Recent Daily Average Mauna Loa CO2. Retrieved from

Dr. Pieter Tans. (2020). Trends in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: Mauna Loa Daily, Monthly and Weekly Averages for two years. Retrieved from

Dr. Kirk Thoning and Dr. Pieter Tans. (2020). Atmospheric carbon dioxide dry air mole fractions from quasi-continuous measurements at Mauna Loa, Hawaii. Compiled by K.W. Thoning, D.R. Kitzis, and A. Crotwell. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL), Global Monitoring Division (GMD): Boulder, Colorado, USA. Retrieved from


  • Web & Email Content 
    Mike McGee
  • Systems Development
    Adam Davey
  • Subscriptions
    Adam Davey (systems); Mike McGee (admin)
  • Data & Performance Monitoring  
    Mike McGee; Adam Davey


  • NumberLens
    Under the leadership of Adam Davey, this project is made possible with technologies provided by NumberLens, the original Aloha Daily partner.

Teem Up With Us

The Aloha Daily project is a core project we want to keep improving, especially as the work shifts from beta prototype to ongoing operations. Below are some volunteer and partner opportunities we see for people who would like to contribute to the continuing work and improvements that are on the horizon.

  • Robot Watcher
    This team member makes brief but methodical checks of automated CO2 data updates, usually just once per day. When an error is identified, you will notify other team members so that a timely correction is made. The “Robot Watcher” enhances product quality and bolsters the confidence of data users to rely on CO2.Earth as the most timely, accurate and useful source for daily CO2 readings. Fulfilling this role demands adherence to a regular schedule, but little of your time.
  • Daily CO2 Specialist
    This is a role for an educator or communicator to make sure that daily CO2 content is current and connecting with people who use the Aloha Daily products. It includes assistance with responses to public queries relating to daily CO2, and the related development of Q&As.
  • Science Advisor
    As Aloha Daily content and products evolve, it’s important that they remain true to the scientific sources. As a Science Advisor for the team, you will be asked to provide periodic, high level advice on non-routine questions and issues as they arise, and as you are able.
  • Sponsoring Partner Opportunity
    We anticipate future growth for this project and the TEEM EARTH platform that will increase cost pressures. A ground-floor opportunity exists to partner with TEEM EARTH as a sponsor for the project and to show support for constructive, collaborative innovations to expedite the stabilization of CO2 and other greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere.

Related TEEM EARTH Projects

  • CO2 API
    The CO2 API is the engine that drives the Aloha Daily updates. But the CO2 API has been designed with expanded applications in mind.
  • CO2 Broadcasting
    Daily CO2 updates give citizens of the world a vital signal on what is happening to their planet. CO2.Earth has begun to package and promote data and information for a range of media broadcasters. b packaging data and information
  • CO2 Daily Widget
    Requests have been coming in to show daily CO2 readings on third-party websites. Producing a website widget is a logical next step that builds on the work that has already started.